Magic Marty

Hi Marty,

I just wanted to say Thank You so very much for being a part of our special evening last night. I enjoyed seeing you. We were able to raise a nice bit of money for Voice for Joanie, thanks in no small part to your wonderful performance of magic, you have a great gift and it is so nice of you to share it with others.

I know you had a distance to travel, both to and from New Milford, and I believe it is an hour each way. You were there for at least 3 hours and it was a good hour up and back. Everyone really, really enjoyed your talent; you brought much happiness to many. I can’t begin to tell you how much that means to our organization.

Your kindness will allow our dedicated, all-volunteer staff to continue our commitment to “bringing a voice to the voiceless.” Without you, our life-changing work is not possible. Voice for Joanie, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides voice communicators to people with Lou Gehrig’s disease and other terminal illnesses, people who are unable to talk, and often paralyzed.

God bless you!

Shirley A. Fredlund, President
Voice for Joanie, Inc.
May 15, 2011


First, allow me to thank you for the excellent job you did for us on Fun Day. You were definitely a big hit with our residents, our residents families as well as our staff. I appreciate you adapting your performance for our population.

I am forwarding your Garden Bed diagram to our Executive Director as well as Dara Russell, whom you met on fun day.

Anna Evans
Coordinator of Support Services
Cardinal Hayes Home for Children
June 23, 2011